1.9.88 Update!

UpMove is now updated to version 1.9.88!
Changes include:

  • Caps Lock no longer counts as a keypress, in case you'd prefer to use it instead of Shift.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when background doodads were disabled.
  • Added a new small doodad to a few levels.
  • Some small performance optimizations.
  • New option: "Reduce Reactivity." This will remove some of the subtle special effects that occur in response to your ship's movements, slightly improving performance at the cost of aesthetics.
  • EXPERIMENTAL: There is now an option that will allow you to use a controller rather than the keyboard for ship control. You'll still have to use your keyboard to type, so I'm not sure whether there's much of a point to this option-- hence the "experimental" label-- but it's now there, if anyone wants to try it. Note that, in controller mode, you do not need to toggle between flight control and typing, though you can do; you can just (put down your controller and) start typing, and the magnified view of the current propulsion text will appear automatically, or give input to the ship and the magnified text will hide itself.

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